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Thursday, July 3, 2014

RC (Royal Care) Cosmetics - Professional 12 Piece Brush Set Review - Sigma Dupes?

Hi everyone!
Let me just start off by saying how impressed I was with these brushes! For the VERY inexpensive price (less than the price of 1 MAC or other high-end face brush) these brushes are amaze-balls! AND you get 12!! Whaaat?!
Now keep in mind, because they are on the inexpensive side these brushes are NOT numbered or labeled. The website has a description of the brushes, but it is not accurate in my opinion and should probably be updated as it is hard to read between the 11 commas. The picture I got off the website even shows 13 brushes.. lol. I just numbered the picture I took off their website to show you which brush is which.
The set comes with 12 brushes:

Face Brushes
#1 Large Powder Brush
#2 Large Angled Powder Brush
#3 Large Duo Fibre Brush
#4 Double-ended Foundation Brush (Synthetic)
#5 Concealer Brush (Synthetic)

EyeShadow Brushes
#6 Large Blending Brush
#7 Medium Shader Brush
#8 Medium Angled Shader Brush
#9 Medium Blending Brush
#10 Small Blending Brush
#11 Small Angled Brush Lips

#12 Lip Brush

When you get the brushes they do not come in a super cool bag or even a box, they are shipped in a protected bubble wrap envelope. Which to me, is not a big deal as I have my own makeup bags I use for my brushes anyway to travel with. Everyone who has reviewed these brushes say that the brushes have a STRONG permanent / dry erase marker smell. While it does smell slightly like that, it is not overwhelming and the smell goes away after the first wash. (btw -- if you do not know you should ALWAYS wash your brushes before you ever use them - regardless if you bought them online or in a store for sanitary reasons!!)

The powder and eyeshadow brushes are fluffy and super soft, but are also dense enough to hold product. I have not had any major shedding issues as most see with inexpensive brushes. The only brushes I am not too crazy about are the small blending brush and the lip brush. The small blending brush should just have been made a pencil brush and the lip brush I just peronsally have no use for.

The ferrule of the brush is a little on the flimsier side of metal, but the handle themselves are pretty sturdy. After I washed them for the first time (before I used them) I did have 2 brushes that cracked on the handle by the bottom of the ferrule. BUT the company has such great customer service! I emailed them about the problem and sent them a picture of the 2 brushes and they got right back to me the same day and sent out 2 new ones to replace them :) I have not had a problem after washing them since (and I wash my brushes weekly), although I do not recommend you submerge the entire brushes and let them sit in the sink. If you are going to soak them, definitely soak just the bristles in a small cup or bowl and do not let the water sit past the ferrule.

Dupes for Sigma?

Alooot of people have been comparing these to Sigma brushes and that these are supposed to be an exact dupe for the Sigma Essential Kit. While the quality of the brushes may be a great dupe - the actual brush set is different. The brushes in this RC set are not the exact same as the Sigma set, the Sigma set only has face and eyeshadow brushes, it does not include a lip brush. The Sigma set also has a pencil shader brush that this RC set does not include. Even though it is not an exact dupe of the Sigma Essential Kit, the quality of the brushes are definitely great for the price.

Overall I would definitely recommend them! Especially if you are in the market for new brushes but do not want to spend $150+. With shipping these brushes were under $25. IT. IS. INSANE. The 12 brushes you get are awesome and is a great starter kit for beginners or as a backup set for professionals!

You can purchase this set here -

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