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Friday, March 13, 2015

Jessup Makeup Brushes - Review

Hey dolls!

So as you can probably gather from my previous blog posts, I love buying luxuries but often find that I do not like paying full price for said items. I have been eyeing the Sigma brushes for almost a year now, but I seriously cannot bring myself or justify spending $150-$300 for a set of makeup brushes. I literally cannot bring myself to order brushes in the high-end price range without ever having used them. I just can't. But, luckily for you all I have struck again in the affordable gold mine department!

I purchased the Jessup 15 Piece Black/Silver brush set back in November. Now, because it is international shipping it did take 2 weeks to get to me, but SO worth the wait. I have been using (and washing) these brushes for 3 months now and could not be any happier with the quality and the price. The brushes look very high end, with the brush name on a lacquer like finish on the handles and suuuper soft bristles that glide product on seamlessly. They feel and look amazing! Lets get to the individual brushes and their (multiple!) uses :)

Starting left to right -

Face Brushes:

1. Large Powder - Large enough for loose and pressed powder application. It gives a light finish and blends in your powder with ease. The bristles are in an oval shape to really be able to get the brush in the precise place of every face shape and size.

2. Tapered Face - The tapered bristles make it so easy to place the product in the area (setting, contour, or blush). This brush is multi-purpose and sets my under eyes quickly without leaving excess product all over my face. This is a must for me, if I do not set my concealer I will be a big creasy mess with my lower lash line product all under my eye. MUST have brush.

3. Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - Another multi-purpose brush that diffuses the product beautifully. It works well with powder or mineral makeup and blush for a soft subtle looking application.

4. Powder/Blush - Used for powder and blush (pressed or loose) application. Similar to the duo fibre brush but has a more defined application. I prefer this brush for my pressed contour highlight shades.

5. Tapered Highlighter - Delicate but precise application for highlighting areas like your cheekbones, forehead, chin, and bridge of the nose. Gives a very subtle natural looking glow.

6. Large Fluff - Another multi-use. Can be used for more precise highlight or contour shades. I really like this brush angled under in the direction of my cheek bone for my contour shade. I place the product with this brush and blend with powder/blush brush (#4 in this post).

7. Large Concealer - Best if used with liquid or creams to conceal larger areas on the face or body.

Eye Brushes:

8. Blending - Subtle blending and can be used to diffuse harsh lines on the lid. Best if used in "windshield wiper" motion to buff out shadows.

9. Tapered Blending - Tip of the brush is perfect for picking up product for a more defined look. Circular motions back and forth create a perfect transition between shadows in the lid and crease areas.

10. Concealer - Used to precisely conceal smaller areas. Also a great brush to use for pressed and loose pigments on the lid.

11. Small Tapered Blending - Detailed crease color application. Product is more intense and precise using this brush. Perfect for cut crease or smokier outer v shadow.

12. Short Shader - Perfect for smudging the lower lash line as well as controlled application in the outer eyelid (outer v) area. I always use this brush to apply my lower lash line color and blend (smudge) it out  for a smokey effect.

13.  Flat Definer - Controlled application of the lower lash line or to make a very thin line with shadow, gel, or liquid eye products.

14. Small Eyeliner - The ferrule is slightly angled to allow precise application of liquid or cream liner.


15. Lip - Liquid or cream lip products work best. Smaller brush that has a lid to cover the brush which is great to keep the brush lint and debris free.

I will link the exact ebay user I purchased my set through so you can purchase your brush sets through an authorized Jessup representative. The user has all the variety colors and there are multiple brush sets from this company that look amazing and that I would love to try soon. I hope this review helps you in your search for affordable but great quality brushes. You can have the best high end products but it will not always look the same without equal quality tools!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to comment them down below :)

Ebay User Store Link : Click Here!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why I NEVER shampoo my hair! (Herbal Essences Naked Review - Dupe for Wen?)

About 3 months ago I completely stopped washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner. Sounds gross right? But what if you could skip washing (and blow drying / styling) your hair every day or even every 3 days? I was intrigued. Anything that could save me time in the morning or at night in the shower sounded amazing. I had seen many pinners with their "no poo shampoo" for healthier hair that took longer to get greasy (hence the not washing your hair every day appeal). Still, I had some doubts so I started doing my own research.

For years I have been damaging my hair with daily use of blow dryers, flat irons, and wands at high temperatures. I noticed my hair was not growing, like at all. Besides the occasional trim I had not cut my hair in over 2 years yet it was the same length in almost all my photos since 2012 - yikes. I also noticed my hair, which is fine, but very full, and curly (I could give a lion a run for his money) had become thinner and it was more easily prone to split ends and breakage. I was tired of gluing in my extensions and even more annoyed with the clip in situation so I spent quite some time figuring out what would be best for my hair. Could banning my shampoo and conditioner be the key?

Shampoo, no matter the brand or what it claims to help your hair do, strips your hair of natural oils that help protect your hair shaft from damage and removes the oils needed to keep your scalp moisturized. The more you shampoo the more your body tells your scalp that it needs to produce more oil in order to replace what you have shampooed away, which is why sometimes the more you wash, the faster the oil and grease comes back. I get it; some of you are still probably horrified thinking how in the world could you go a day – let alone 3 without washing. But it is easier than you think. It just takes some training your hair and scalp to produce the good oil when you need it therefore less washing and less damage. Another benefit of not shampooing is your color will last longer on its own. No need for the expensive color protectant hair care lines. Minerals in your shower water can cause dullness, loss in color richness, and color stripping. Skipping a wash or two (or 3) can extend the life of your color which means less touchups (which can also save you money!)

The first thing you need to determine is what type of hair you have. If you have medium - long naturally straight hair (whether is is fine, thin, or thick) you may notice you are one of those types who have to wash your hair more. That’s because with straight hair it is easier for the oil and grease to travel down your hair shaft faster than curly or wavy hair because it can literally just be combed or brushed down your hair. You may find you wont be able to go more than 2 days without washing, but that is still 2 days hair wash free!

My next suggestion is to not quit your shampoo routine cold turkey. Like I said, it is all about training the oil production, and stopping shampooing needs to be transitioned. Get a cleansing conditioner and start off alternating hair washdays with your shampoo for 3-4 weeks. Another helpful tool: Dry shampoo! If you use it the right way, it can really help with the transition days you are trying to fight washing your hair because it looks like you haven’t showered in a week.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck kind of cleansing conditioner should you buy? Do you have to buy the expensive brand or can you go to the drug store? Honestly that answer depends on your preference. If you are like me and like the high quality stuff without the price tag I really love the Herbal Essences Naked (cleansing conditioner not the shampoo!) I found mine at Target for, wait for it -- $4. I have also tried the Wen Almond Mint, which is what I started off using. The smell and invigorating feel of it does not leave much else to be desired – that is until you see the price. For $30 you get slightly less product (16 fl oz versus the 16.9 in the Herbal Essences bottle) but the quality and smell is amazing. 

So if you don’t mind the price (and having to have it autoshipped/billed if you order from the Wen website) then you have some options! I know there are countless others, some Sally brand, Loreal, and some other drug store brands have the cleansing conditioners but after I found the Naked from Herbal Essences I personally didn’t feel the need to buy the other brands because it works great for my hair. But keep in mind; every hair type is different - so the products I mentioned and liked may not work for you. Like all hair care products it is trial and error, so if you don’t find the perfect no poo cleanser right away don’t give up! 

Hope this helped – and as always if you have any questions please feel free to comment it down below.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

RC (Royal Care) Cosmetics - Professional 12 Piece Brush Set Review - Sigma Dupes?

Hi everyone!
Let me just start off by saying how impressed I was with these brushes! For the VERY inexpensive price (less than the price of 1 MAC or other high-end face brush) these brushes are amaze-balls! AND you get 12!! Whaaat?!
Now keep in mind, because they are on the inexpensive side these brushes are NOT numbered or labeled. The website has a description of the brushes, but it is not accurate in my opinion and should probably be updated as it is hard to read between the 11 commas. The picture I got off the website even shows 13 brushes.. lol. I just numbered the picture I took off their website to show you which brush is which.
The set comes with 12 brushes:

Face Brushes
#1 Large Powder Brush
#2 Large Angled Powder Brush
#3 Large Duo Fibre Brush
#4 Double-ended Foundation Brush (Synthetic)
#5 Concealer Brush (Synthetic)

EyeShadow Brushes
#6 Large Blending Brush
#7 Medium Shader Brush
#8 Medium Angled Shader Brush
#9 Medium Blending Brush
#10 Small Blending Brush
#11 Small Angled Brush Lips

#12 Lip Brush

When you get the brushes they do not come in a super cool bag or even a box, they are shipped in a protected bubble wrap envelope. Which to me, is not a big deal as I have my own makeup bags I use for my brushes anyway to travel with. Everyone who has reviewed these brushes say that the brushes have a STRONG permanent / dry erase marker smell. While it does smell slightly like that, it is not overwhelming and the smell goes away after the first wash. (btw -- if you do not know you should ALWAYS wash your brushes before you ever use them - regardless if you bought them online or in a store for sanitary reasons!!)

The powder and eyeshadow brushes are fluffy and super soft, but are also dense enough to hold product. I have not had any major shedding issues as most see with inexpensive brushes. The only brushes I am not too crazy about are the small blending brush and the lip brush. The small blending brush should just have been made a pencil brush and the lip brush I just peronsally have no use for.

The ferrule of the brush is a little on the flimsier side of metal, but the handle themselves are pretty sturdy. After I washed them for the first time (before I used them) I did have 2 brushes that cracked on the handle by the bottom of the ferrule. BUT the company has such great customer service! I emailed them about the problem and sent them a picture of the 2 brushes and they got right back to me the same day and sent out 2 new ones to replace them :) I have not had a problem after washing them since (and I wash my brushes weekly), although I do not recommend you submerge the entire brushes and let them sit in the sink. If you are going to soak them, definitely soak just the bristles in a small cup or bowl and do not let the water sit past the ferrule.

Dupes for Sigma?

Alooot of people have been comparing these to Sigma brushes and that these are supposed to be an exact dupe for the Sigma Essential Kit. While the quality of the brushes may be a great dupe - the actual brush set is different. The brushes in this RC set are not the exact same as the Sigma set, the Sigma set only has face and eyeshadow brushes, it does not include a lip brush. The Sigma set also has a pencil shader brush that this RC set does not include. Even though it is not an exact dupe of the Sigma Essential Kit, the quality of the brushes are definitely great for the price.

Overall I would definitely recommend them! Especially if you are in the market for new brushes but do not want to spend $150+. With shipping these brushes were under $25. IT. IS. INSANE. The 12 brushes you get are awesome and is a great starter kit for beginners or as a backup set for professionals!

You can purchase this set here -

Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Lighted Makeup Mirror (Broadway style) Vanity

After searching the internet for the perfect vanity and not wanting to spend over $500 for one, pinterest and other blog sites inspired me to make my own. Luckily for me my fiancé was once an electrician's apprentice and helped me do the wire cutting and wiring. We went out to shop for supplies, changed our design a few times during the process but finally came up with a finished product. &This was the result :)

Supplies you'll need:
vanity mirror

porcelain bulb sockets

if the sockets do not come with a kit you will need the right size nipples to attach and hold the sockets to the wiring

replacement lamp cords (or just plain lamp wire and you can attach your own plug)


Not pictured: 
A drill and wood bit that matches the size of your sockets
Measuring tape
Wire cutters/stripper
Spray paint to match your sockets to the mirror

Measure the sockets to the placement on the mirror 

Drill the holes 

(This is just a picture of the drilled hole marks, but you will need to drill the holes all the way through)

You will need to cut the wire and intermingle them together so there is 1 current of electricity (2 splices - 1 positive and 1 negative) to all of the bulb sockets

Spray paint the sockets to match, let dry and wire and attach the sockets to your mirror

Screw in your bulbs

And voila! 

The desk and set of drawers are from Ikea - Micke.

Thanks for reading &hope this helps! 

If you have any questions please comment below!! :)