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Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Lighted Makeup Mirror (Broadway style) Vanity

After searching the internet for the perfect vanity and not wanting to spend over $500 for one, pinterest and other blog sites inspired me to make my own. Luckily for me my fiancé was once an electrician's apprentice and helped me do the wire cutting and wiring. We went out to shop for supplies, changed our design a few times during the process but finally came up with a finished product. &This was the result :)

Supplies you'll need:
vanity mirror

porcelain bulb sockets

if the sockets do not come with a kit you will need the right size nipples to attach and hold the sockets to the wiring

replacement lamp cords (or just plain lamp wire and you can attach your own plug)


Not pictured: 
A drill and wood bit that matches the size of your sockets
Measuring tape
Wire cutters/stripper
Spray paint to match your sockets to the mirror

Measure the sockets to the placement on the mirror 

Drill the holes 

(This is just a picture of the drilled hole marks, but you will need to drill the holes all the way through)

You will need to cut the wire and intermingle them together so there is 1 current of electricity (2 splices - 1 positive and 1 negative) to all of the bulb sockets

Spray paint the sockets to match, let dry and wire and attach the sockets to your mirror

Screw in your bulbs

And voila! 

The desk and set of drawers are from Ikea - Micke.

Thanks for reading &hope this helps! 

If you have any questions please comment below!! :)